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Trade Promotion Planning

One of the main responsibilities of Key Account Managers is trade promotion. Since the majority of the product volume is transacted here, planning and executing sales promotions is crucial. Internal solutions are frequently inexact, rigid, and time-consuming.

Total management of trade promotion

Synergy Market Crawl makes it possible to compare planned and actual promotions automatically. This is a fully automated method that makes use of Action Market Crawl’s promotion data. This greatly simplifies the analysis of sales boost. Market Crawl manages the entire procedure and guarantees a round-the-clock availability with up-to-date should-is comparisons of your promotion planning process.

Both uniform and adaptable

You can either arrange your promos using our web interface with custom fields or using the structures you are already familiar with. Planning levels, article groups, and internal key account structures of the organization are all extremely customisable. To further enhance your promotion planning process, Synergy Market Crawl provides a wide range of other indicators including shelf prices, share of shelf, out-of-stock, and gross reach.

All advertising plans and supplementary information can be downloaded as an Excel file or sent via interfaces to external systems like SAP and Demand Planning.

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