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Verifying your licenses and credentials

The tested product gains a lot of trust from licenses and seals that are given after careful examination and assessment for items and services. This encourages the receiver to keep a license or certificate on display for as long as feasible. Timelines are missed and labels are applied incorrectly. It could do considerable damage to your license’s reputation if your quality marks or certificate are used improperly on goods or services that don’t live up to your requirements. Monitoring the use of your license or certificate is essential to make sure that you are not being falsely represented by poor quality products.

How to track usage of your certificates

You may monitor how your issued certificates, licenses, and quality seals are used in any given media with the help of License Market Crawl. At the point of sale, in printed advertisements, billboards, TV commercials, internet businesses, and advertisements, our trained people and automated systems look for your seals. This will guarantee that you are aware of any contract violations.

All data in a single database

No matter what your criteria for such a breach of your terms of service could be, we give you visual evidence of any violation of your certificates. This is all organized and readily available in an online database that notifies you whenever new entries are made.

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