Context Market Crawl

Highly structured communication and brand monitoring

Highly structured communication and brand monitoring

Context Market Crawl is an interactive tool that compiles data from both highly dynamic media, such as social media, online news, and forums, and traditional media, such as newspapers, TV, magazines, and flyers. Then, using this data, our full-time staff members or your marketing teams create condensed summaries of news and communications pertaining to your brand, business, or rivals.

Put your choices in perspective

You can locate new influencers, target markets, and specialty and specialized communities by having a thorough understanding of mainstream media, specialist markets, and online communities. Additionally, it gives you the best possible knowledge at your disposal to make the best judgments immediately in response to positive or negative situations. According to our research, managing even a bad occurrence appropriately and immediately can increase customer retention, loyalty, and even acquisition. Context Market Crawl gives you the ability to respond depending on the most crucial information at hand.

Working with big data

You may gain a completely new level of insight into your own and your competitors’ promotional and marketing efforts by combining Context Market Crawl data with your personal insights and extra data from tools like Action Market Crawl, eBusiness Market Crawl, and InStore Market Crawl. Without knowing the communication context surrounding your efforts, it is very challenging to accurately analyze why a particular tactic resulted in an increase in sales or completely failed. To assist you in navigating vast volumes of complex information, we draw on any sources that are appropriate for your particular requirements and constraints.

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