InStore Market Crawl

All shelf-prices, according to your needs

All shelf prices, tailored to your requirements

Depending on your demands, InStore Market Crawl allows you complete monitoring of shelf pricing at the point of sale throughout Europe. We provide share of shelf tracking, out-of-stock evaluations, and price monitoring for shelf prices.

Customers of InStore Market Crawl choose the frequency and stores for their spot

Solutions to any retail query

The point of sale must always be set up optimally to ensure your products are successfully sold. The following queries are addressed by InStore Market Crawl:

  • How are market-wide arrangements of goods, costs, and selections made?
  • How are the shares of the secondary placement locations and shelves distributed?
  • How does the product listing look in-store?
  • Does the assortment follow your planogram (planogram control)?
  • How are (secondary) placements doing right now at the time of sale?

The following categories are covered by in-store market crawl shelf monitoring: DIY, Electronics, FMCG, Toys, Food, Non-Food, and Textile.

Data quality and efficiency

Market Crawl Price Scouts conduct on-site data collection and distribution for us. The greatest quality of data for your study of prices at the PoS is provided by these qualified full-time personnel, who are continually reviewed and educated. Through unique interfaces, this data is automatically delivered, and your tags can help to refine it.

We’re Available from 9 am to 6 pm (GMT+1) , Monday through Friday.

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