Our Company

Market Crawl

Market Crawl serves as a partner for consumer and market research for more than 1,400 industrial and commercial clients. We research the effects of communication and advertising in addition to recording and analyzing current retail offers and price market research in a variety of industries, including the yachting industry, FMCG, DIY, food & non-food. Market Crawl Marketing Research has concentrated on retail, price market, and advertising effectiveness research for more than 20 years and across 31 European nations.

We rely on unique solutions that are built around the problems that our customers are facing. For Market Crawl, having accurate and current data comes as naturally as having a clear and organized understanding of the market.


We and our customers work with vast amounts of data as a market research organization. We employ a reliable and secure internal server infrastructure to process this effectively. High dependability and energy-efficient functioning of both systems are guaranteed by redundant and highly efficient electricity, cooling, and network supplies. For the protection of both ourselves and our clients, our infrastructure is physically guarded and digitally encrypted.

A high qaulity research centre