eBusiness Market Crawl

Full overview of any online outlet

Full overview of any online outlet

Price information is gathered by eBusiness Market Crawl from any online business or shop. The acquisition is made possible by cutting-edge web crawling technologies, which are continuously modified to address the evolving issues of the online retail industry.

You can examine discounts and costs at online shops, online stores, and pricing comparison websites using eBusiness Market Crawl. We adjust the frequency of our crawling to meet your needs. You can tag items, commodity groupings, and the crawling of particular articles using our system.

You’ll receive details on everything from prices (including the modal, median, minimal, and maximal prices), offer density for your particular products, links to online sites, screenshots of those sites, EAN codes, product features, out-of-stock conditions, and online positioning.

Current price information via your interfaces

Data is distributed internationally and is current. We create unique interfaces for routine data transfers to your systems in order to ensure a smooth process.

You can maintain your competitiveness by using eBusiness Market Crawl, which gives you a thorough analysis of your products. This makes it possible for you to quickly and effectively modify your pricing and promotion tactics.

Automatic price modification

You can automatically alter your prices using special markers. This will guarantee that you never sell your goods for less than or for more than their market value. As a manufacturer, you receive a thorough analysis of how well your product is selling online.

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