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The European benchmark for promotion observation and analysis is Action Market Crawl. Action Market Crawl is used by more than 1.200 manufacturers and retailers to successfully gather information about retail promotions, which enables them to quickly and effectively adapt their strategies to new developments.

Data on promotions in the following industries is gathered by Action Market Crawl: DIY, Electronics, FMCG, Toys, Food, Non-Food, and Textile.

Current, adaptable, and including historical data

Based on input from our global clients, Action Market Crawl Online is constantly developed and improved. Our marketing database is extremely current and is continually modified to reflect changes in market conditions.

You can view all of the current week’s promotions as well as up to three years’ worth of historical data with our promotion database. A concise, thorough, and quick summary of all promotions, including scans of the actual promotion, is ensured by daily updates. Your personal judgments are supported by our robust search engine, wide range of reports, and multi-basket analysis. Every flyer and advertisement is scanned by Market Crawl Marketing Research to ensure the greatest quality and promptness.

Promotions that can be measured and analyzed

Our own household panels, media panels, online panels, and TV ads provide the source of our promotion data. In this approach, our customers will have complete transparency across every channel.

We assist you in accurately assessing promotions by calculating the amount of space it occupies, its gross reach, and the gross promotion value. Our figures are based on the distribution of flyers, booklets, advertisements, inserts, and TV spots. You can instantly distinguish between local, regional, and national promotions with Action Market Crawl.

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